Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to our most common questions. This will give you further information on a wide range of topics related to our products and services.

What can I use to clean my canvas product?

You really can’t use any cleaning product on canvas. A hosing down and if necessary brushing lightly with one of those magic erasor sponges is all you can do. Anything more than this will probably take the waterproofing out of the canvas and render the need to rewaterproof it. Hosing will remove most of the dust and dirt but any greasy marks or stains are probably there to stay.

What can I use to clean my Clear PVC Cafe Blinds?

For normal washing you can either use normal soapy dishwashing water or we do have a product designed just for cleaning Clear PVC.

Do you make custom products?

We can make almost anything in Canvas, PVC or other fabrics. Just contact us with a diagram, photo or a general description of what you need and we will give you all the information you need.

Help with erecting my Roll Out Awning Walls

The most important thing when fitting our ROA walls is to get the roller slot in the correct position.

The roller slot needs to be at the 9 o’clock position when sliding the wall into the slot (which means the slot is facing the caravan).

Once the slot is in the correct place you really can’t go wrong

  1. Erect Roll Out Awning (with roller slot position as described above)
  2. Slide long wall into roller slot and make sure awning supports are adjusted to correct height
  3. Fit anti flap kit
  4. Add curved roof rafters if fitted
  5. Slide end walls into top track of anti flap kit and zip to long wall
  6. Slide velcro flap into track on van and attach to end walls
  7. Press stud draught skirt to van and velcro to end walls
  8. If Pop Top then attach white flap to bracket on van using the black PVC rod (please note rod goes into second pocket, not the outside one)
  9. Peg down walls and draught skirt to finish
  10. If you have one of our Roll Out Awning Walls brochures, the installation instructions are on page two.