Bag Awning Walls 

Bag Awning Walls are made to attach quickly and easily to our Bag Awnings. They have Velcro attachments at the top and can be fitted within minutes. Each wall is connected together with zips.

Standard layout includes a standard corner door and a large scenic window. Additional doors and windows can be added to suit your needs. Check out our Brochure for pricing details located at the top of the page under the brochure tab.

Adding Bag Awning Walls is a great way to add an extra room for additional space and storage. This space can be used for just having extra privacy, entertaining or even an extra room sleeping.

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Simple to erect

Our bag awnings are easy to put up. Featuring spring loaded poles, Velcro, strong zips, they can be put up in a matter of minutes.

View our bag awning erection video

View our 2 minute video that shows how simple it is to erect our Bag Awnings. Every step of the process is made to be as simple as possible and to result in an awning that is safe, secure and sturdy.