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Custom made Caravan Roll Out Awnings

Adelaide Annexe are specialists in manufacturing custom Caravan Roll Out Awnings.
We use high quality various wide PVCs.
Our Roll Out Awnings are created for a large range of caravans and campers, to suit exactly what you need.

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Simple to erect

The way our roll out awnings and roll out awning walls are made, makes them simple to erect.

View our roll out awning erection video

View our 3 minute video that shows how simple it is to erect our Roll Out Awning Walls. The result will be a fantastic Roll Out Awning which gives extra space, along with protection from the weather.

Easy measure and install process

For those that can’t get to our factory, we also have instructions on how to measure and install it yourself. The installation process will ensure that you have a roll out awning that will last you for years to come.

Easy Measure

A few simple measurements to get the correct parts.

Easy to follow

The short video shows you the ease at which to install the roll out awning walls.

Basic Tools Needed

Drills, drill bits, file and silicon is all that is needed.

High Quality

High quality products mean that you will enjoy the results for a long time to come.