Here at Adelaide Annexe & Canvas we try to have a fair and easy to understand guarantee policy. The numbered items below may not read like they’ve been written by a lawyer, but they will try to be clear and convey the essence of our promise to you. It may not be perfect but we will always try our best to have happy and satisfied customers.

  1. Our normal warranty period is 12 months from receipt of goods … but if we have an issue that we think was our fault in the first place then we will endeavour to fix it even if the 12 months has lapsed. (This is something that we will decide, not our customer)
  2. Canvas Goods are made by us , but we do not manufacture the materials that they are made from … we do endeavour to always use materials that are top quality and Australian Made where possible … but if a problem is due to the materials that have been used then we must move the warranty liability to our supplier and fight for a solution on your behalf … some of our materials have their own warranty but please be aware that this will only cover the replacement of the material and not the time and labour to rectify or remake an item.
  3. Our canvas products are mostly to our own design … unless something is specified to be done a certain way … or to be copied exactly from a sample, then it will be done in our style of doing things … the essence and functionality will not be changed but there will possibly be slight differences between our products and ones made by other canvas goods manufacturers. If you want something a certain way then the onus is on you to make it known before a job is done, and not afterwards.
  4. Goods with warranty requirements need to be returned to the factory for the work to be carried out … we will however try to make this as easy as it can be … We do suggest that our customers try out, or at least make a full inspection of our products before embarking on a long and possibly distant journey … while every effort is made to ensure that no details are missed … it is essential to find this out before a long trip as we will not be liable for any transport costs associated with any problems that arise later.
  5. Our promise is to always strive to do our best and to